Sara Shikhman is a Penn Law graduate who used to work at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft. She’s the co-founder and CEO of Rent A Gent, a company “created by women for women.” Shikhman and a panel of judges carefully curated each of the men available on the website, and says she’ll do “80 to 100″ interviews before even finding one man who’s acceptable. Sounds typical for finding the right man.

Women’s Mafia Interview for Rent A Gent

Women’s Mafia Interview for Rent A Gent

Here’s more, from ABC News:

“Women are paying $200 an hour. … I want to give them something like a fine French restaurant, where it’s going to be amazing,” she said. “We have satisfaction guarantee so I need to stand by it. I can’t give them something crappy where they’re going to be like, ‘I could have met that guy at the bar.’”

Shikhman said she and the other Rent-A-Gent casting ladies are looking for their men to meet three criteria.

“They have to be handsome, they have to be intelligent and educated, and they have to have some kind of talent,” she said.

During the audition, Shikhman has the men show off their bodies, sometimes asking them to take off their shirt, and demonstrate their talent, whether it’s plumbing or dancing.

While we’re sure there are many, many Biglaw women who would love to have their drains plumbed by a rented gent, we should mention that this is a strictly “no sex” service. Only your egos will be stroked, ladies, not your nether regions. Here’s just a sample of the men available for rental on Shikhman’s site:

Teach me, Robert, teach me! If you’re interested in renting a man, you can see all of your options here. On behalf of the women of Biglaw who don’t have time to date, thank you very much, Sara Shikhman!

P.S. We understand we get a free $50 Rent A Gent credit just for writing about this magnificent service. We are SO excited to figure out what we’ll do with our rented man. Help us come up with ideas!

What is RentaGent?

RentaGent is service with a six pack. They provide handsome and smart guys to be at your service: to teach you how to dance, or to cook you a fantasy meal, to fix a clogged sink with his shirt off, to go shopping with, or to attend a charity event together, or strip at a bachelorette party. It’s like Airbnb or RentheRunway except you don’t rent the house or the dress you rent the good looking owner. Sex is not included.

Our gents include a handsome sheriff who’s a stripper by night and a gorgeous looking white collar ex-con who could entertain ladies with exciting stories. For parties we have waiters and servants and for extravagant events we also have human furniture: men who will pose as coat hangers, tables, or lamps.


Planning a party and wondering how to hire a male entertainer for you and your friends? It’s easy. You don’t have to get him from us (though we’d be very happy if you did) but here are 5 helpful tips:


If you google “male entertainer” or “male stripper” you will see the agencies in your area. Go on their websites and browse through their selection. Make sure to read the reviews of the agencies on places like Yelp. Our yelp page is here: rentagent-new-york


Call or email the agency to make sure the entertainer you selected actually works there, is available and could be booked. Many agencies use stock photos. We don’t. For every 3-4 ladies in your party, we recommend one entertainer to make sure every guest gets the attention she deserves.


The better entertainers are usually around $300-$400/hr. A lot of the guys are well educated and talented at that price range and they know how to make sure everyone in the party has a good time. Make sure the agency you chose screens their guys. A typically male strip dance is about 45 minutes and a typical dinner party is about 2 hours.


Work out the payment arrangement in advance and make sure the male-stripper stays for the the agreed amount of time. It’s best if you don’t use cash to pay for the stripper but instead use a credit card so you’re more protected. A typical show is 45 minutes. Tipping is encouraged and should be done throughout the performance, as long as you’re enjoying it. Make sure to have lots of dollar and five dollar bills.


Prepare the space where the entertainer will work. Make sure all fragile items are moved out of the way. Have an ipod, or a cd player available for the entertainer to use to put on his music. Or if you prefer your own music, make sure it’s ready. If you are hiring a chef or bartender make sure to have all the food and drink ingredients ready to go ahead of time.

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