Rebecca Woodard tells of how she went from working for two of New York City’s most notorious madams to helping the Manhattan district attorney’s office bring down one of them, and alleges she had a violent role-playing encounter with Spitzer, which his spokeswoman denies.

Rebecca Woodard (right)   Eliot Spitzer (left)

Rebecca Woodard (right) Eliot Spitzer (left)

Rebecca Woodard (right), writes that former Gov. Eliot Spitzer (left) tried to choke her during a violent role-play game in which he was a martial arts instructor and she was the student.

She was a high-priced call girl who claims she got choked out by Eliot Spitzer and pimped out by the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

Over several wildly turbulent years, Rebecca Woodard went from making thousands of dollars a day working for two of the city’s most notorious madams to wearing a wire to help bring down one of them, she told The News, speaking out for the first time in a wide-ranging, one-on-one interview.
Manhattan prosecutors insisted she continue seeing clients while working undercover — and then forced her to turn over all of her earnings and gifts, the sultry blond said in her talk with The News.

Rebecca Woodard

Rebecca Woodard

Through it all, she balanced another role: crusading mother. A costly custody fight over her daughter prompted her to enter the escort business and served as her guiding light as she maneuvered to get out of it.
Spitzer spokeswoman Lisa Linden denied Sunday that Spitzer had any involvement with Woodard, calling their alleged encounter “a complete fabrication that is unequivocally untrue.”

Former Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau, who prosecuted Woodard’s first madam, Kristin Davis, and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly have said that Spitzer was not connected with the case.

Call girl Rebecca Woodard

Call girl Rebecca Woodard

Woodard, writing as Rebecca Kade, also tells her story in her new memoir, “Call Girl Confidential,” which is due out in stores on Jan. 7.

“I’m not a victim. I think people misuse that term,” the leggy Woodard, 37, told The News inside her elegant Manhattan apartment. “Some crappy things happened. It really breaks my heart because there’s some seriously difficult things (I’ve experienced).”
“If there’s anything I accomplished, I took my situation and figured out what I did wrong, what I could have done better, how could I make myself a better person because of it and never make those poor decisions again,” she adds. “And I really hope that I can shed a little light onto a world that you just don’t want to go into.”

Woodard told The News

Woodard told The News

Woodard’s extraordinary ordeal was set in motion in 1998 when she met Spin Doctors rocker Chris Barron at a Penthouse-sponsored party on the Upper East Side.
The shy, recent transplant from North Carolina and Barron started dating — and months later she learned she was pregnant at the age of 21.

By the time the baby was born, Barron had already moved on to another woman and Woodard was left to take care of little Isabella on her own.
She made it work the best she could. Barron was paying child support and she was working full time at Viacom.

Call Girl Confidential

Call Girl Confidential

‘Call Girl Confidential: An Escort’s Secret Life as an Undercover Agent’ by Rebecca Kade, the nom de plume of Rebecca Woodard, is a brutally honest memoir of her life as a high-priced call girl in New York.

But in 2005, Barron picked up 6-year-old Isabella from Woodard’s home and never returned. Woodard received court papers weeks later informing her that Barron had filed for custody.

The custody battle quickly turned nasty. Barron, who is not identified by name in the book, claimed Woodard was popping Vicodin pills, which she denied. But he also noted that she was living with a man who served prison time after pleading guilty to the attempted rapes of two women — a decision Woodard would regret.

In September 2005, a judge denied Woodard’s request to allow unsupervised visits with her daughter. Her legal bills started piling up. While searching for a second job on Craigslist, Woodard clicked on the “Models Wanted” section and stumbled onto an ad promising $10,000 a week, she says. All of the other gigs for part-time work paid a small fraction of that.

Rebecca Woodard, aka Rebecca Kade, claims Eliot Spitzer likes rough role playing.

Rebecca Woodard, aka Rebecca Kade, claims Eliot Spitzer likes rough role playing.

Woodard knew what that kind of money would demand of her, but saw no other options. All she thought about was getting her daughter back, she says.

oodard’s claims are the second straight bombshell to hit Spitzer. Last week, The News broke the news that Spitzer is dating Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s transition spokeswoman, Lis Smith.

The alleged Spitzer tryst was one of many frightening encounters Woodard says she had while working for Davis.

So when another of Davis’ escorts mentioned that she was making incredible amounts of money while secretly working for another madam, Woodard begged her for an introduction.

It was early 2007. Woodard’s custody battle was dragging on and her finances were especially tight. Armed with a phone number, Woodard says she called the mystery madam the next day.

The woman had a Scottish accent and a brisk, businesslike manner. Woodard could tell already that she was dealing with a different sort of operator.

But it would only be much later when Woodard, after getting recruited by Manhattan prosecutors, would learn how big Soccer Mom Madam Anna Gristina actually was.
Gristina said Sunday she doesn’t believe Woodard ever saw Spitzer. Woodard was a “B-level girl,” Gristina said.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office declined to comment Sunday.

Tuesday in The News: Rebecca Woodard recounts her time with Anna Gristina — and how she secretly worked with prosecutors in an attempt to pin criminal charges on the Soccer Mom Madam.