Traditional therapy is apparently too limiting, but New York escorts focus on sex.

Sarah White, the Naked Therapist, on the other hand, allows for people to open up, or at least that’s what New York’s naked therapist feels.

Ms White says she has helped more than 1000 men with “arousal therapy”.

Ms White says she has helped more than 1000 men with “arousal therapy”.

“The goal is to show patients I have nothing to hide, and to encourage them to be more honest,” White told The Daily. “For men in particular, seeing a naked woman can really help them focus, look deeply into themselves and speak their minds openly.” Her clients are allowed to touch themselves in whatever way they want, to whatever end they want.

Ms White said, I only do light touching of myself. It’s to show my clients that I’m relaxing and enjoying myself.

Ms White helps clients who have porn or sex addictions.

Ms White helps clients who have porn or sex addictions.

When asked to explain the philosophy behind her treatment, which has helped more than 1000 men, Ms White says:

“Asking a man to share his feelings in an environment in which sexual arousal is forbidden is like trying to teach him to swim on land.

“I firmly believe that sexual arousal is so central to men’s cognition that it must be openly embraced and accepted in the therapeutic context if men want to truly get to the bottom of their feelings.”

Ms White, who has a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biology, says we are in the middle of a ‘Global MENtal Health Crisis’.

“Men have the vast majority of “problems” — homicide, suicide, addictions — yet men are highly unlikely to go to therapy unless their wife or a judge forces them to,” she said.

This is a wonderful metaphor for removing those inhibitions and getting to the heart of the sexual dysfunction. Only a person with an open mind to new innovative ideas can understand this! ;) ( if you are participating in porn, swinging… then you are already comfortable with your sexuality, if you were raised that its only for procreation than you might be stagnant and stuck!) This is truly a great concept in the art of sexual therapy… check out Sex Surrogates… now that is extreme!

This video is over glorified. They just both say the same thing over and over, offering no opposing viewpoints, no insight, no background info, nothing. Saying, “she’s just a glorified stripper” over and over is not even entertaining, just a waste of time to watch.

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Homepage of Sarah White

Homepage of Sarah White

After checking out her website I can definitely conclude she is not a proper or professional therapist. I mean she even has a part on her site dedicated to sexy clothed and nude pics from her doing lots of modeling from Asian Escorts Call Girl. I also laughed when she had “My therapy is very attractive to my male clients” No shit it is cause your hot and their male lol. She is pretty much a glorified stripper and possible (although she wouldn’t tell anyone) gives extras (sex etc).

There is one client, Henry Smith said, Her webcam one is a bit odd, but the cost of it and how boring it gets will weed out people looking for a thrill, because its not a cheap thrill, and online theres no excuse for an expensive thrill. So even thats not an issue as the TYT make it out to be. The clip and your response is just ignorance about the human body.